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Miss Lumbee 2014-2015

                                                        Candice Locklear



   To my Lumbee people,

    What an honor it is to represent a people filled with beauty, pride and most importantly the Love of God. During my reign as Miss Lumbee I promise to always be the role model for our youth to follow and a representative for our elders to be proud of. I promise to follow the great examples my elders have set before me and display my Lumbee culture to the world with the upmost Respect and Honor. As Miss Lumbee, I place an importance on the education and betterment of our youth to insure their futures are as bright as they can be.

     In regards to my platform, I am currently interning as a school social worker at Littlefield Middle School where I have the privilege of providing students with information on how they can start preparing for college now. In addition, as a student in a Master’s of Social Work program, I am researching best practices to better prepare our students of Robeson County in hopes to one day implement them. I am also planning future events to interact with more students across Robeson County in order to make a larger impact in motivating them to pursue higher education. My end goal is to increase the college attendance of Robeson County students.

     Another goal that I have as Miss Lumbee is to create unity wherever we, the Ambassadors, go. No matter if we are presenting at a school, county, or government based organization we can find common ground to all stand on. Youth and elders, native and non-native, we can all find something to learn from each other to help us grow along our walk. This is how unity is created and positive relationships are formed. I encourage my fellow ambassadors and everyone we meet to share their knowledge with others and take in what others present as well. We all need to be proactive in promoting unity. 

     My reign thus far has been nothing short of amazing and I can’t wait to experience many more new adventures and meet many more influential people. I am blessed to have the opportunity to carry a title such as this and share such a rich culture of the Lumbee people with others. I hope to leave a lasting impact on each individual that I encounter throughout my reign as Miss Lumbee. As always, I encourage you to “Let Your Light Shine” for all the world to see and don’t be ashamed of expressing your faith to the world.


Miss Lumbee, 2014-2015

Candice Noel Locklear.




































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